Solenne Series Component Information

Pensotti Solenne DuoPass System

The patented Duopass system, found only in the Solenne PCI series boiler, delivers unsurpassed domestic hot water in an efficient, compact package.
When there is a demand for hot water the system works by immediatly re-heating the domestic hot water in the micro-storage tank and at the same time the PCI will pre-heat the incoming cold water, through the copper brazed plate heat exchanger, before it enters the intergrated micro-storage water heater. This process gives the Pensotti PCI series a dramatically increased recovery rate over any standard combi-boiler.

Pensotti Solenne Gas Boiler Multiplex

The Multiplex is a system of quick, accessible connections to the major components of the Pensotti Solenne series gas boiler making service simple and less timely.

Pensotti Solenne Series Control Panel

Honeywell control system with digital display provides multiple features such as frost protection, circulator exercise, self-diagnostic, summer/winter modes and much more. The Pensotti Solenne series convenient 3 button interface makes parameter accessibility and navigation simple and straight forward. Add the optional Outdoor Reset sensor to increase overall efficiency and performance.


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